Jack Mason

"Follow your dreams and build genuine connections along the way".


Jack Mason is the Group CEO of award-winning Inc & Co, a collaborative collective of exceptional businesses.

Known for his invaluable business support and guidance, Jack onboards Inc & Co’s acquisitions and oversees each company’s strategic direction, plotting tactical business plans and frameworks. Jack emphasises the importance of strong business teams and believes that people are always the key to a successful business. He ensures that each of Inc & Co’s acquisitions works with a range of specialists to achieve widespread goals.

When a business joins Inc & Co, Jack works with the business to build a multi-dimensional support network. This way, every member of staff has access to advice from over 100 experts and extensive resources in a shared capacity. J

ack organises cohesive teams based on staff skillsets to maximise productivity and make the most of each recruit’s expertise. He also promotes collaboration between Inc & Co’s acquisitions so that all businesses in the collective can make use of every resource.

Jack has grown Inc & Co’s team from four to 220 within the space of two years.

Alongside his position as CEO at Inc & Co, Jack is a member

of the Forbes Business Council, a collective of invite-only entrepreneurs. Jack works with other recognised business leaders to advise aspiring entrepreneurs and small businesses on how to achieve success in their current market landscapes. Jack has also served as the Board Trustee of Kidscan Children’s Cancer Research, supporting a cause that has deeply affected his own life.

Jack’s business knowledge informs each of his entrepreneurial approaches, helping businesses to take advantage of groundbreaking technologies and visualise their growth plans.

You can read about Jack at jack-mason.co.uk

Inc & Co, Group CEO and Co-Founder